water softener

water is never too soft

You want soft water because you know the advantages? Of course, you know them and that’s the level of comfort you’re looking for.

You’ll choose Maxima because you’re ecologically AND economically aware. Maxima softeners give you all the positive aspects of soft water in your own home. The Maxima softeners increase the efficiency of your water-heating equipment, lessen your use of polishers and detergents, and prevent expensive repairs and replacements.

The Eco version is the perfect solution for any domestic application. The Eco+ is the perfect solution for softening water from ground water sources (Your private water source, for example.)

Choosing Maxima means you want the best. The Eco and Eco+ are equipped with the latest features in water treatment technology:

  • A modern and user-friendly electronic control panel
  • Low salt usage proportional to the requested delivered softening capacity
  • A large salt storage capacity
  • A modern design which fits any interior