water is never too soft

You’ll choose Maxima because you’re ecologically AND economically aware. Maxima softeners give you all the positive aspects of soft water in your own home. The Maxima softeners increase the efficiency of your water-heating equipment, lessen your use of polishers and detergents, and prevent expensive repairs and replacements.

Water Softener

water softener

water should not contain iron

Water containing iron typically has a reddish/brownish colour. This is the most evident disadvantage.

Iron in water also gives it a metal taste, which is far from appetizing. The presence of iron in water can cause brownish stains on your dishes, laundry, taps and sinks. These stains are unwanted guests.

Iron Filter

Drinking water and sanitary water need to be perfectly filtered

Next to lime scale and iron, there are a number of other elements that can influence the taste and odour of your water: sand or rust particles, but also chemicals (like chlorine), and remnants of pesticides or weed killers. To this, we offer an effective solution: a high-performance filter.

Whole house filter

whole house filter