whole house filter

Drinking water and sanitary water need to be perfectly filtered

Cooking, drinking, cleaning, bathing… Water plays a vital role in our houses as well as our bodies. You must be able to rely on it being absolutely clean.

Next to lime scale and iron, there are a number of other elements that can influence the taste and odour of your water: sand or rust particles, but also chemicals (like chlorine), and remnants of pesticides or weed killers. To this, we offer an effective solution: a high-performance filter.

Choosing Maxima’s Whole House Filter means having the certainty of using the most reliable and efficient technology for your entire house.

  • It will improve the taste, colour and odour of the water by filtering out any chemical contamination.
  • It will also filter out all particles larger than 40 µm (0,04 mm), extending the lifespan of domestic and appliances.
  • It combines the most modern technology with the most durable construction.
  • There is no maintenance required; filters don’t need to be replaced.