iron filter

water should not contain iron

Why would you want the iron removed? Because you want crystal clear, odourless water. And because you know what the effects of iron in water can be.

Water containing iron typically has a reddish/brownish colour. This is the most evident disadvantage.

Iron in water also gives it a metal taste, which is far from appetizing. The presence of iron in water can cause brownish stains on your dishes, laundry, taps and sinks. These stains are unwanted guests.

Even without the rusty, unpalatable colour, (tap) water can still contain an excessive level of iron, in a dissolved state or as minuscule iron particles.

Choosing Maxima’s iron filter means you want the best. The Maxima iron filter combines sustainability with user friendliness.

  • It will filter all iron (Fe2+) and manganese (Mn2+) contamination out of the water
  • It has a modern and user-friendly control panel
  • It functions without the use of hazardous chemicals
  • The filter media only needs to be automatically rinsed periodically